Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

Post-acne hyperpigmentation (HP) is the skin's reaction to severe or intermediate inflammation. It can affect the secretion of melanin by the pigmented cells (melanocytes) or even increase the number of such cells in the affected areas making the skin look darker. Hyperpigmentation occurs in the areas that are affected the most by pustules and inflammation. The shape of HP matches the areas of severe inflammation and can vary in size.

"algorithm_tech_name": "post_inflammatory_hyperpigmentation"


Algorithm returns the percent of detected post_inflammatory_hyperpigmentation area related to the whole face area.

"main_metric": {
                "value": "12",
                "widget_type": "percentage",
                "name": "Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation",
                "tech_name": "post_inflammatory_hyperpigmentation",
                "widget_meta": null


The algorithm returns several vectorised masks of Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation for an image aligned with the face.

For a batch mode, all masks for left and right side pictures are attached to the frontal image result.

For a single image analysis - only frontal mask is available. For a batch - left, front and right masks are available.

Front Result Mask

  1. "mask_type": "polygon_mask"

  2. "tech_name": "post_inflammatory_hyperpigmentation_mask_restored"

  3. "side": "front"

  4. features

    • geometry

      • "type": "Multipolygon"

Left Result Mask

"tech_name": "post_inflammatory_hyperpigmentation_mask_restored"

"side": "left"

Right Result Mask

"tech_name": "post_inflammatory_hyperpigmentation_mask_restored"

"side": "right"


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