Version 2.0

The Face application API returns results of the face image quality algorithm, facial skin parameters, and masks of skin objects (e.g. wrinkles, pigmented spots etc.)

Use this updated application to analyze the skin’s overall condition with more metrics and more accurate algorithms.

Highly recommended for new Skin SaaS users.

This app checks the selfie’s image quality and assesses visual skin features, such as:

  • age

  • eyes age

  • skin tone

  • skintone classification

  • eye bags

  • dark circles

  • lacrimal grooves

  • uniformness

  • redness

  • lines

  • wrinkles

  • pores

  • acne

  • sagging

  • pigmentation

  • translucency

  • hydration

  • facial areas

  • facial landmarks

The application API returns calculated metrics and corresponding masks. You can use this application to compare subjects, track skin dynamics over time, and get skin metrics reports.

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