Haut.AI provides a computer vision algorithm that evaluates the skin tone of different facial areas and the whole face.


Skintone shows how tanned your skin is. Many pigments have an effect on the color of the skin. One of the most important factors affecting skin tone is the quantity of melanin the skin contains. The amount of melanin in the skin is determined by genetic factors, but it is also increased by the impact of the sun’s radiation. To determine overall pigmentation or skin color, the ITA° system was developed. The lighter the skin, the higher the ITA°. ITA values are associated with six classes of skin tanning: very light, light, intermediate, tan, brown and dark. Moreover, the algorithm returns median values of L*,a*,b* channels in the CIELAB color space.


The algorithm returns metrics and sub-metrics for the following facial areas:

  • face

  • forehead

  • right_cheek

  • left_cheek


The main metric is the skintone of a particular area or a whole face

"main_metric": {
                "value": 28,
                "widget_type": "ITA",
                "name": "ITA score",
                "tech_name": "ita_score",
                "widget_meta": null
  • value The skintone value ranges from [-90,90] and can be classified into six classes based on:

    • (55,90] - very light skin tone

    • (41,55] - light skin tone

    • (28,41] - intermediate skin tone

    • (-10,28] - tan skin tone

    • (-30,-10] - brown skin tone

    • [-90,-30] - dark skin tone

  • "widget_type": "ITA" this indicates that the value is in the [-90,90] range.

  • "name": "ITA score"

  • "tech_name": "ita_score"


The algorithm returns median values of L*,a*,b* channels in the CIELAB color space for each area_name.

"sub_metrics": [
                    "value": 65,
                    "widget_type": "numeric",
                    "name": "SkinTone L channel",
                    "tech_name": "skintone_l_channel",
                    "widget_meta": null
                    "value": 18,
                    "widget_type": "numeric",
                    "name": "SkinTone a channel",
                    "tech_name": "skintone_a_channel",
                    "widget_meta": null
                    "value": 27,
                    "widget_type": "numeric",
                    "name": "SkinTone b channel",
                    "tech_name": "skintone_b_channel",
                    "widget_meta": null


The algorithm doesn't return any


The algorithm doesn't return any

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