Hair Segmentation

Haut.AI provides an AI algorithm that returns a hair mask and segmented hair images.


The algorithm segments hair on the provided restored image. It returns not only a binary mask of the segmented hair but a masked image with a predicted hair region.

Image results can be retrieved via aux.


The algorithm returns a sequence in the form of xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx , which is a unique image id for each particular output (mask or masked image).

Images can be downloaded through the relevant link, such as:



Indicates the parameters for each output of the segmentation algorithm.

                  "id": 43,
                  "name": "Hair Segmentation Mask",
                  "tech_name": "hair_image.front_face.hair_segmentation_mask"
                  "id": 42,
                  "name": "Masked Hair RGB",
                  "tech_name": "hair_image.front_face.masked_hair_rgb"
  • Hair Segmentation Mask stores information about the binary segmentation mask

    • "id": "43" - tech output id

    • "name": "Hair Segmentation Mask"

    • "tech_name": "hair_image.front_face.hair_segmentation_mask"

  • Masked Hair RGB stores information about the segmented hair from an image

    • "id": "42" - tech output id

    • "name": "Masked Hair RGB"

    • "tech_name": "hair_image.front_face.masked_hair_rgb"

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