Hair Volume

Haut.AI provides an AI algorithm that estimates hair volume.


Hair volume is often associated with overall health. However, volume is determined by many factors, such as hair type, heredity, hair thickness, and hair density. The color also influences the volume: blond hair is often thin and soft, while dark hair is usually thicker. The reasons for a loss of visual volume in a hairstyle can be hair loss or hair thinning due to a lack of vitamins or diseases. The higher the parameter value, the more volume your hair has.

"algorithm_tech_name": "hair_volume"


The algorithm returns metrics for the following area:

  • hair


The main metric indicates the hair volume category for area_name

"main_metric": {
                "value": "Medium-low volume",
                "widget_type": "category",
                "name": "Hair Volume",
                "tech_name": "hair_volume",
                "widget_meta": null
  • value The hair volume is divided into eight classes, as listed below. Each category gets its own confidence level in the range of [0,100], where the highest score indicates the hair's volume class:

    • Extra-low volume

    • Low volume

    • Rather low volume

    • Medium-low volume

    • Medium-high volume

    • Rather high volume

    • High volume

    • Extra-high volume

  • "widget_type": "category"

  • "name": "Hair Volume"

  • "tech_name": "hair_volume"


The algorithm returns a sub-metric - Confidence of Hair Baldness.

"sub_metrics": [
                    "value": 0,
                    "widget_type": "density",
                    "name": "Confidence of Hair Baldness",
                    "tech_name": "baldness_confidence",
                    "widget_meta": null
  • Confidence of Hair Baldness returns a confidence score for the person being bald

    • value of the baldness confidence level ranges from [0,100]

    • "widget_type": "density"

    • "name": "Confidence of Hair Baldness"

    • "tech_name": "baldness_confidence"


None - there are no restored masks for hair volume


None - there are no original masks for hair volume

Example (JSON)

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