Color Uniformness

Haut.AI provides an AI algorithm that estimates the level of uniformness in hair color.


This metric shows how uniform the hair color is. Various factors can lead to hair color being uneven, from coloring the hair and overuse of heat styling procedures to genetics and aging. Sometimes, uneven hair color and texture can be a direct sign of poor hair health, which can be caused by various nutritional, genetic and metabolic disorders.

"algorithm_tech_name": "volume"


The algorithm returns metrics for the following area:

  • hair


The main metric indicates the hair color uniformness category for area_name

"main_metric": {
                "value": "Uniform Hair Color",
                "widget_type": "category",
                "name": "Color Uniformness",
                "tech_name": "color_uniformness",
                "widget_meta": null
  • value The uniformness can be divided into two classes based on value:

    • "Uniform Hair Color"

    • "Uneven Hair Color"

  • "widget_type": "category"

  • "name": "Color Uniformness"

  • "tech_name": "color_uniformness"

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