Haut.AI provides an AI algorithm that estimates hair coloring.


This metric shows if the hair has been dyed or not. Coloring the hair can negatively affect the overall hair health and lead to split ends, reduced hair thickness and increased roughness of the hair follicle.

"algorithm_tech_name": "coloring"


The algorithm returns metrics for the following area:

  • hair


The main metric indicates the hair coloring category for area_name

"main_metric": {
                "value": "Not Colored",
                "widget_type": "category",
                "name": "Coloring",
                "tech_name": "coloring",
                "widget_meta": null
  • value The hair coloring is divided into two classes, as listed below:

    • "Not Colored",

    • "Colored"

  • "widget_type": "category"

  • "name": "Colorinng"

  • "tech_name": "coloring"

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