Haut.AI provides an AI algorithm that estimates hair length.


This metric calculates the length of the hair.

"algorithm_tech_name": "length"


The algorithm returns metrics for the following area:

  • hair


The main metric indicates the hair length category for area_name

"main_metric": {
                "value": "Long Hair",
                "widget_type": "category",
                "name": "Length",
                "tech_name": "length",
                "widget_meta": null
  • value The hair length is divided into five classes, as listed below. Each category gets its own confidence level in the range of [0,100], where the highest score indicates the hair length class:

    • Chin Length

    • Neck Length

    • Shoulder Length

    • Collarbone Length

    • Long Hair

  • "widget_type": "category"

  • "name": "Length"

  • "tech_name": "length"

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