Freckles are characterised by small spots with higher pigmentation than the surrounding skin. This type of pigmentation can be distinguished from others by its lighter appearance. Freckles can appear on all skin types. Freckles can appear on various parts of the face, but they are most often found in the middle third of the face.

"algorithm_tech_name": "freckles"


Algorithm returns the density of freckles on a face.

"main_metric": {
                "value": "4",
                "name": "Freckles density",
                "tech_name": "freckles_density"


The algorithm returns several vectorised masks of freckles for an image aligned with the face.

For a batch mode, all masks for left and right side pictures are attached to the frontal image result.

For single image analysis - only frontal mask is available. For a batch - left, front and right masks are available.

Front Result Mask

  1. "mask_type": "polygon_mask"

  2. "tech_name": "freckles_mask_restored"

  3. "side": "front"

  4. features

    • geometry

      • "type": "Multipolygon"

Left Result Mask

"tech_name": "freckles_mask_restored"

"side": "left"

Right Result Mask

"tech_name": "freckles_mask_restored"

"side": "right"

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