Solar pigmentation

Among other manifestations of hyperpigmentation, it's worth noting so-called sunspots or age spots: hyperpigmented spots of various sizes, from small to medium, asymmetrically distributed on the face. The borders are even, and the pigmentation is saturated.

"algorithm_tech_name": "freckles"


Algorithm returns the density of solar pigmentation on a face.

"main_metric": {
                "value": "4",
                "name": "Solar pigmentation density",
                "tech_name": "solar_pigmentation_density"


The algorithm returns several vectorised masks of solar pigmentation for an image aligned with the face.

For a batch mode, all masks for left and right side pictures are attached to the frontal image result.

For single image analysis - only frontal mask is available. For a batch - left, front and right masks are available.

Front Result Mask

  1. "mask_type": "polygon_mask"

  2. "tech_name": "solar_pigmentation_mask_restored"

  3. "side": "front"

  4. features

    • geometry

      • "type": "Multipolygon"

Left Result Mask

"tech_name": "solar_pigmentation_restored"

"side": "left"

Right Result Mask

"tech_name": "solar_pigmentation_restored"

"side": "right"

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