How does the number of API requests get counted?

At the end of every calendar month, we calculate the number of API calls. One API call or one API transaction is the event of processing one image (skin, selfie, or VISIA) with one algorithm. Our system automatically logs the number of API calls as you use the service. You can find your usage statistics here.

How is pricing calculated?

The cost of SaaS depends on:

  1. The number of business users (license, in total from all regions). Business users are employees of your company who manage the Skin SaaS platform on your behalf. They can create, edit and connect applications (skin metrics), manage and configure API settings, and fully control stored data. A business user also has access to the analytics dashboards where he/she can see statistics, metrics and trends.

  2. The number of API transactions (volume-based, in total from all regions).

  3. Storage and transfer traffic.

  4. (Optional) The number of required licenses for the LIQA library. 1 license per website domain.

  5. (Optional) The number of single tenants. One single tenant can support multiple regions.

Does the subscription fee include Haut.AI’s support service?

Our standard subscription includes technical support of the client (not end-users of your application) via the online help desk and email.

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