Tech questions

Timeout of the acces_token in the login against the Haut platform. Is it necessary to log in for each request? Access_token lives for 60 minutes. Use it for each request, login not required for each request. You can refresh token with /refresh API

Will a dataset be created per environment? Dataset is created per company, i.e. your business account on You can create as many datasets as you want, usually one per study/research. Env is for developers - DEV, TST, PRD. You only need access to PRD.

Difference between algorithm types, e.g. by image type (selfie / visia) or application type (metrics / simulation)? Algorithms need a face to work like “eye age”, some can be applied to other areas of the skin like “redness”. Application contains a set of algorithms that are applicable for different scenarios. Simulation App is trained on results of product study, real people applied cream and we get images before and after. Our NN is trained on that images and can predict the effect of a given product/cream to a new person. Output is a simulated image with product effect.

AlgorithmResultX response information: What information do we get in the metadata (to exploit that information in the app) and what information do we need to store in the platform? In our SaaS platform we store all the output of algorithms for an unlimited amount of time.There is an option to delete all images in dataset and still persist algorithms output to show Skin Dairy analytics. You can always get back to it and do not need to store on your side. Please follow tutorial here Description of algorithms you can get with /dict/algorithms call - it does not require auth. And it's used to describe results. Please see tutorial above.

In order to be aligned, we need a short explanation of each of the Haut components: dataset, batch, run, subject a. Dataset is the place to store images b. Images can come in batches, if they are connected logically - ie left and right leg, left front right side of the face, etc. c. Application Run is a result of Application launched over a given dataset. Every algorithm in d. Application is applied to every image in the Dataset. e. Subject is a participant. All images for a unique participant should come with a unique subjectId.

Just to confirm we understand that regardless of the DATA call requested to Haut it will always be against the same API? We ensure our API has no breaking changes and available at the same endpoint. It can be extended for the new features but should not affect your old business logic We plan to move to a newer version of Algorithms that might have breaking changes, but a new version of the algorithm will work alongside the old one.

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