General questions

I forgot my password

Don't worry! Click on the "Forgot pasword?" button under the password bar and type in your e-mail. You will receive a letter with a link to reset your password.

What is a dataset?

A dataset is a space where you can store and manage your data. It is like a folder for your images.

What is a subject?

A subject is a unique person, like your customer or a study participant. All of the images from one subject come with a unique subject ID, which you can use to track the person’s dynamics over time.

How do I process my image?

Your image needs to be in a dataset with an application attached to it. To see how to create a dataset and process the images, go here.

What is the difference between the simple and advanced picture upload modes?

The main difference is that advanced mode allows you to upload pictures of the side of the face, while all images uploaded in simple mode are viewed as frontal. For more information on how to use our simple and advanced modes, check out this page.

How do I add new subjects and pictures to an existing dataset?

For that, you need to click on the “Upload photos” button at the bottom of the navigation menu. You can choose which dataset to upload new photos to. You can also add new pictures to existing subject files or create a new subject. For more detailed guidelines, please check this page.

Is there a limit to the number of datasets and studies that can be created per user or time period?

There is no limit as long as you have a subscription.

How can I download a PDF report?

When you get a report on a picture, the “Print PDF report” button is located in the bottom-left corner of your screen. Check out our guide for more information.

How can I create branded reports?

First, you need to create a branding template in the “Branding” tab of the navigation menu. Then, you go to Datasets → “Any dataset”→ Settings→ Branding. There, you can select your branding options. For more information, check out our guide here.

How long does it take to process a picture?

It takes less than a second to process one image. However, if you have a large dataset with multiple applications attached, it can take longer. You will get a notification once your data is processed.

What is a B2B user?

Business users are people within your organization who manage the Skin SaaS platform on your behalf. They can manage and connect applications to Skin SaaS, manage and configure Skin SaaS API settings, and manage data in Skin SaaS. A business user also has access to the analytics dashboards.

What is the cultural diversity profile of the algorithms in the Skin SaaS platform?

Our algorithms are agnostic to phenotype and skin tone. We use diverse and balanced datasets and best practices in diverse AI to train our models.

How were the algorithms validated?

Our algorithms are validated against clinical evaluation criteria. The quality analysis of the algorithms and the data annotation are implemented by data scientists, dermatologists, biologists, and skin experts. The algorithms are not certified as medical devices, but the methods were described in publications in peer-reviewed journals. Check out the Haut.AI articles here.

What is included in Haut.AI’s support service?

We provide FAQs and guidelines on how to use the platform.

If you have any issues, suggestions, or feature requests, please write to us. Use our self-service user onboarding here.

What devices is your platform compatible with?

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