Version 2.2

Analyze a new data type: skin images Meet our new image type, "Skin Image", which is optimized to work with macro images of skin obtained through dermoscans. Create a dataset under the “Skin Image” option, add your photos, and attach a new "Skin Image Metrics" application. Right now, we’ve made Redness and Uniformness algorithms available for skin images, but our team of experts are constantly working to develop more, and the list of algorithms will continue to grow in the future.

Refresh token support This feature update is targeted at developers. We’ve added two /login API call tokens: Auth token and Refresh token. The Auth token is used to make API calls to the Skin SaaS backend, and it’s valid for just one hour. The Refresh token can be used to acquire a new Auth token after the old one has expired. This is done through the /refresh API call.

We also fixed a few bugs :) We’ve changed the return error to 400 instead of 500 for some errors; We’ve improved our overall performance; And we’ve also introduced fixes for bugs in the Dataset Report graphics.

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