Version 2.20

What's new in Skin SaaS applications?

  • Love our skin analysis? Now you can also get insights to your hair condition! Use the new Hair App to analyze hair color, uniformness, curliness, frizziness, hair volume, hair length, and hair condition metrics.

  • More metrics for selfie analysis. Now you can estimate translucency (glow), hydration, and facial landmarks too!

What's new in Skin SaaS reports?

  • Face fragments are back! They are now anonymized and repeat anatomical facial areas. Explore facial zones separately with this new feature.

  • Optimized CSV Dataset statistics. We've structured the data and embedded JSON fields. Each column contains the output for a sub-metric of the algorithm.

  • We've added detailed quality algorithm output to the CSV report. This allows you to precisely sort out images for further analysis.

What's new in the Data Collection Tool?

  • Now, your study participants can check their skin or hair status right after they take a selfie! See how to do it in the video tutorial.

  • New image type for decentralized trials! Collect standardized hand images to study nail condition.

  • New features to configure your own study. Choose a preferred camera type: native frontal camera or LIQA (live image quality assurance) to collect more accurate data. Configure image compression level to speed up uploading and optimize storage (PNG, JPG 100%, JPG 75%, JPG 50%).

Good news for developers

  • API development becomes easier by Swagger update.

  • Set Data Retention policy (via API only). That means you can configure the number of days after which images will be deleted automatically from the dataset.

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