Version 2.25

Beautify selfies by improving the skin condition or adding makeup

Check out our brand new Beatification App. Apply this app via web interface to increase skin evenness, reduce redness, and decrease skin irritation (healthy mode). You can also configure levels of beautification via API:

  • Light Healthy Apply this mode to slightly improve facial skin quality, reduce skin pigmentation, and decrease scarring.

  • Healthy Apply this mode to increase skin evenness, reduce redness, and decrease skin irritation. Facial skin will look visibly younger.

  • Healthy Coloured Apply this mode to combine the “Healthy” mode with lightly coloured makeup.

Invite people to rate your photos during consumer studies

Need a third-party grading of your dataset and get a subjective assessment? Try out our new Photo grading and follow these simple steps:

  • Create a dataset with images for assessment

  • Go to the Photo grading section

  • Select the dataset

  • Add description

  • Add a question - what should your participants grade?

  • And finally, invite assessors to give a rating to every image.

For more detailed instructions please visit this guide.

Attach an application more easily

You can now attach an application right at the stage of creating a new dataset.

Convenient file naming

  • Upload images from your desktop and Skin SaaS will use your file names in datasets.

  • The naming of photos collected during studies now reflects the logic of the Study process.

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