Version 2.26

Collect standardised Legs images during your decentralised trials

Configure studies and collect inner calf and outer calf images for legs. Get high-quality standardised photos using LIQA for Legs.

Switch between multiple companies with one user account

Use this new feature to split companies into multi-branding solutions or to separate test and production environments. To activate this feature please contact

Face Skin analysis - Improved Accuracy

The Haut.AI Team is continuously working to improve our algorithms. In this release, we have updated both the Redness and Wrinkles algorithms.

Our Sagging algorithm is also due an update by the end of the week. You will find improved scoring and all new Sagging masks. You can also find more information about polyline visualisation here.

Bug fixing

On Friday October 22nd, algorithm_ tech_name for eyes_age and Hydration Algorithms were changed to eye_age and hydration. Today we have applied a fix and changed algorithm_ tech_name back to original for these two algorithms. We encourage you to use algorithm_version_id instead of tech_name in the future.

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