Version 2.31

Image Comparison in the Grading App

A new way to collect subjective assessment of different skin, hair and other visual features - Image Comparison. To try it out, just go through these simple steps:

  1. Create a dataset with photos for assessment.

  2. Go to the “Photo Grading” section of the menu and create a new app.

  3. Choose the dataset to import photos from.

  4. Set up the survey type, comparison criteria, the name of the study and other details. A

  5. nd, finally, invite the assessors to rate the images!

For more detailed instructions check out this guide.

New menu interface

In our quest for continuous improvement, we have now made navigation on the portal easier by grouping SaaS features into categories.

Improved study set-up

Forgot to attach an App to a study? Not a problem! A warning pop-up will appear and remind you about it.

History graph smoothing - API

Make your graphs clearer and easier to read for the end-user by applying the new smoothing feature.

Haut.AI Skin Diary allows users to track the state of the skin over time but when there is a lot of data, the graph becomes hard to read. Smoothing makes the history graph more comprehensible and helps the user to identify the important patterns.

Learn how to use it now by following the API tutorial here

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