Version 2.40-2.41

Skin Consultant updates

🌍App localisation: for the end user, the app interface will be automatically translated to the default language of their phone. The supported languages include English (UK), English (US), French, French (Canadian), German, Finnish, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Hebrew.

📁The csv file with the data from the app is now easier to analyze! All the skin metric values for one user are in one line with their survey answers.

⚙️More customization in the app constructor!

  • Customize short descriptions for your products in the product inventory!

  • Configure the list of metrics and masks you want to include in the skin report!

  • Enable or disable the returning user scenario! If enabled, the returning user will see their last skin report instead of the main page.

  • Select the values’ naming for each algorithm!

Other Skin SaaS updates

  1. The platform now supports images in such formats as JPEG, PNG, SVG, GIF

  2. Add more data about your subjects: you can set the Subject’s name, birth date and gender.

  3. For our API customers - we highly recommend switching from Wrinkles and Sagging algorithms to our new and improved Lines algorithm. ❗️Wrinkles and Sagging are becoming deprecated and will no longer be supported in the future versions. 📌You can read more about Lines here.

  4. Receive an informative dynamics report for your dataset - you can now choose whether you want to see the dynamics by image creation time or by image “calculated at” time. Image “calculated at” time is when you upload the image on the platform and it is processed by the algorithms. It can be different from the image creation time if you upload a big number of images taken at various times. In this case, for each image you can set a time when it was taken.

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