Version 2.43-2.44

Skin Consultant updates

  1. Clone your App! You can make a copy of any Skin Consultant App. That is a great tool for creating App templates and experimenting with different settings.

  2. Design themes for your App! Our design team has worked on creating pre-selected combinations of branding colors that look great together. The new themes include Arctic Star, Dark Lagoon, Treetops and Mauve. Use them as is or as an inspiration to create your own branding!

  3. Localization update! The app now also supports Czech and Lithuanian languages.

  4. Cart checkout support in Shopify. This feature allows you customers to add products from recommendations in the cart and go to checkout in one click on Shopify!

Join our webinar on December 13th

Join Haut.AI CEO and co-founder @Anastasia ​​Georgievskaya for our “Selfies for skincare: How Haut.AI's research is revolutionising the beauty industry” webinar on December 13th 2022, at 7 pm CET.

On the agenda:

✨How AI and selfies can help design tailor-made skincare routines

✨Why is there no 'one-size-fits-all' perfect skincare routine, and why taking age, gender, and lifestyle into account is crucial

✨How AI will be available to everyone through skincare apps and in-store experiences

✨The benefits of being proactive in skincare decision-making

✨How personalisation delivers sustainability and less waste of mispurchased and mass-manufactured cosmetics

Register here:

Updates for our API users

  1. More format options for data input! We now support 3 formats for DateTime data input: a.

    • %Y.%m.%d %H:%M:%S

    • %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S

    • 2022-11-15T08:43:11Z (iso-8601)

    Soon, we will also switch the DateTime outputs to iso-8601 format and update our API specs.

  2. Skip vector masks to optimize your algorithm output! The output of your algorithms might be more concise and lightweight if you skip vector masks - this can be done by adding ?without_masks=true parameter to the result request.

  3. Receive analysis results faster and easier! Webhook now returns Face Metrics results directly. This way, you can save time and effort on calling the result API endpoint.

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