Version 2.46-2.47

B2C App Constructor: more features for a better user experience!

  • Enable/disable the weather screen that shows users the weather conditions in their area.

  • You can now mark questions in the survey as mandatory.

  • The "Buy now” button can be customised in advanced settings (scroll to the bottom to see this option) - change it to “Read more”, “Book now” or whatever suits your product range.

SaaS Platform news

  1. Acne App can distinguish between 4 types of acne manifestations (papules, pustules, acne inflammation and post-acne hyperpigmentation) and assess the severity of each! It can process both frontal and side face images.

  2. Acne Beautification simulates what the face would look like without any acne.

  3. Acne Recommendation App provides personalised product recommendations according to the user’s unique skin condition. It also offers comprehensive feedback on why certain products are recommended.

  • Beautification App - choose the desired level of beautification.

  • Acne 2.0 App - choose whether to process frontal and side images or only frontal.

We will be adding more configuration options to our Apps in the future to meet your demands!

Some technical updates for the developers

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