Version 2.53

Improved user experience in B2C App and easier App setup

  1. Two device scenario Desktop users can now take a selfie with their smartphone while still continuing their user journey on the desktop. This ensures that the users are submitting high-quality images and getting more accurate analysis results without having to compromise a better browsing and shopping experience available on the desktop.

  2. Ready to use sample Skin Consultant App If you want to create your own B2C App but don’t know where to start we got you covered! The sample B2C App is already set up and ready to use, with a sample shelf and product inventory. Feel free to modify it according to your needs. You can use it right away with a 3 images per day limit until you attach your credit or debit card to your account.

Other B2C App updates:

  1. You can turn on/off the Skintone metric in Advanced settings. Just go to Skin Consultant -> Advanced -> Customise metrics.

  1. The History Graph in the Skin Consultant app now shows up to 90 days of measurements. This gives the end user a bird's eye view on their skin dynamics over time.

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