Version 2.54

Lots of exciting updates for the Skin Consultant (B2C App)!

New LIQA is available for Skin Consultant - enable it in the Advanced settings! Try in on

Improved user flow with 2 devices. The 2-device flow feature ensures the best quality photos regardless of the device being used for Skin Consultant analysis. Now, the user experience is even smoother with the new step-by-step interface! Check it out on

Install Skin Consultant as an app functionality. This feature lets the user install a PWA application to their home screen, both on mobile and desktop, creating a shortcut so they can return to the Skin Consultat anytime later. This allows for easier tracking and access to recommendations, increasing user retention and brand loyalty!

To enable this function go to Skin Consultant -> Advanced settings -> Installation -> Enabled.

Other Skin Consultant updates

B2B guidelines with tooltips. New to the platform? We now have easy interface guidelines that help you take the first steps and learn about the available functionality.Tooltips are available under Skin Consultant and Product Inventory.

Default Terms and conditions (T&C) are removed from Skin Consultant App. You can upload your own custom T&C to reflect your company’s values. Please note that this means no default T&C exists anymore in the Skin Consultant App.

Display product prices in the Recommended products section. In the Advanced settings, you can now enable showing the prices of your products. Please note that you need to add the currency manually to the price.

Haut.AI Raises €2 Million to Expand in Skincare B2B SaaS

Read the full article in our blog.

Here are the key takeaways for your ease:

  • Haut.AIis announcing a €2M raise from LongeVC and Grupo Boticário

  • The company will use the funds to continue working on its no-code skincare e-commerce personalization software and R&D focused on skin analysis

  • TL;DR on how it works - you can visit the website of a cosmetics company, scan your face and learn about your skin condition and what products would be best for you

  • Haut's solutions contribute to longevity - our AI tools, trained on 3 million data points from selfie pics, can help in the early diagnosis of skin diseases

  • This year, we’ve already announced two new products: SkinGPT (showing you how your skin will change over time when using certain skin products) and Phygital Skin AI in collaboration with USP Solutions

  • The AI boom in the market is huge - Haut shows its potential in scientific research and contributing to longevity and the improvement of our life

  • Clients include Beiersdorf, Ulta Beauty, Dr. Max Pharma, Phoenix Group

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