Version 2.56

Skincare Routines

Introducing a routine revolution! Our new Skin Consultant App guides users step-by-step through their own personalized daily skincare routine. Featuring a selection of carefully curated, daily-use skincare products that complement each other and target identified concerns, we help users make informed decisions about the best products for their skin.

Enhanced PDF Recommendation Reports

Been wishing there was a little more to your user reports than just skin metrics and photos? Check out our latest update: enhanced PDF reports with personalized, clickable product recommendations. These personalized suggestions can be effortlessly shared as part of the reports sent out to users, enabling them to revisit and purchase products directly from your site. Please note that this update only works for images captured in the Skin Consultant App.

Other updates

New Version Of LIQA By Default

In our new Skin Consultant App, the latest version of LIQA (our Live-Image Quality Library) is enabled by default, allowing for more accurate analysis and personalized product recommendations. This update will not affect current applications. Feel free to switch between the old and new LIQA implementations in your current app’s settings.

Introducing EUR Invoices

We are enabling our customers to receive invoices in EUR. Please get in touch with us if you want to change your billing currency from USD to EUR.

Attract And Retain With Promo Code Support

Our latest update introduces Promo Code Support. As a valued partner, you’ll earn exclusive discount promo codes for every customer you bring aboard. Join us in shaping the future of skincare, one referral at a time!

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