Version 2.57

Even better photos with the new LIQA and back camera support

The new LIQA now supports taking photos using a phone’s back camera. You can choose which device camera users can use when taking photos in the “Advanced” settings of your app—front (default option) or rear. Consider the following suggestions:

  • E-commerce businesses should select the “front camera” setting because their users conduct skin analysis and explore products on their own.

  • Beauty clinics might prefer a back camera due to its higher resolution.

If you are using LIQA separately, please use this guide.

Integrating LIQA into mobile apps

We have prepared a detailed guide on how to integrate LIQA into mobile applications. If you are building a mobile application and want to use LIQA to take a photo, please read our guide on integrating LIQA into native applications.

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Other updates

  • Company ID is visible in the SaaS portal interface. Please use it when submitting requests to our Support Desk.

  • Improved security: new password requirements - 12 symbols, including lowercase letters, uppercase letters, a digit, and a special symbol.

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