Version 2.8

Print and save skin metrics reports You can now print a skin metrics report for every photo of the face or save it as .pdf. Use this feature to seamlessly share skin metric reports with your clients.

Get your resource usage reports Monitor usage statistics for core Skin SaaS functions as API calls on a daily basis. You can also track how much storage you are using to keep an eye on your costs.

Price list We've added a pricing list to our platform, so you can easily refer to it at any time to check item costs and applicable annual discounts for bulk usage.

Copy study settings Tired of manually inputting your study settings? Use this feature to copy all of the settings from an existing study, including surveys and intro texts. You still can modify the newly set-up study before launching it! However, please note that the list of participants is not copied.

Improved LIQA frontend image-quality library We've improved our logic for lighting conditions and added the ability to check if the image has changed during the photo-capturing process.

Get your skin analysis faster We've improved our algorithm’s calculation speed significantly!

Contact Skin SaaS support easily You can communicate any issues, suggestions, and feature requests directly from the platform!

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