Versions 2.21-2.23

What's new in Skin SaaS algorithms?

Do you want to analyze both frontal and side face images? Now it’s possible. Use Face Skin Metrics 2.0 App and get new skin reports for the side photos.

Compare your subjects to the statistical distribution! We have developed a new, improved concept of algorithm bucketing based on analysis of over 2000 females of different ages. Now every new dataset gets default buckets which can be accessed via API /api/v1/companies/{company_id}/datasets/{dataset_id}/algorithms_bucket/

What's new in the Data Collection Tool?

Creating new studies just got a lot easier! Our new study wizard will guide you through the setup process in easy steps just like 1,2,3...

Use LIQA to collect standardized photos. LIQA is a frontend quality assessment tool that makes it easier to collect high-quality images during decentralized trials. Configure LIQA depending on your needs: LIQA Lab better suits professionals and clinical usage; LIQA eCommerce has less strict parameters and is intended for end-users.

Integrate notifications into your IT systems!

Use WebHooks for notifications. WebHook is an URL to which a message will be fired after processing the image by all the application algorithms. WebHook is configured per Dataset: go to the Dataset and input the URL to the settings.

Track your billing history!

The Billing History page will help you to track invoices.

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