About the platform

Who are we? (long story short)

Haut.AI is an Estonian software company that provides a B2B SaaS platform for advanced skin analysis to the skincare and pharma industries. We offer cutting-edge, AI-powered technology for beauty brands’ e-commerce platforms, as well as innovative solutions for the medical industry.

How can you use Skin SaaS?

Our algorithms analyze various skin metrics, like redness and pigmentation, detect wrinkles and acne, and process hair, hand, and foot images. We use diverse and balanced datasets to make our technology inclusive, ensuring our algorithms work effectively on all skin phenotypes. We have combined these algorithms into several powerful applications. You can see the list of the apps that are currently available here.

Our algorithms work with the following types of data:

  • Selfies (frontal and side)

  • VISIA pictures

  • Hand pictures

  • Foot pictures

  • Dermascan pictures

Our platform provides many opportunities for data collection, storage, analysis, and management. First, you can analyze images that you already have. To do that, create a dataset with an application attached to it, then upload your images there. To get more information on how to create and analyze a dataset, check out our dataset tutorial here.

For R&D purposes, you can conduct consumer studies, where you collect standardized images and survey data from your participants and analyze it via our platform. To learn more about this option, see our study tutorial here.

You can also integrate Haut.AI technology into your own services with our simple API and a powerful SDK. Check out our documentation here.

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