Design the app

Assessment study details

In this tab, you can change the name of your app and add a thank you note or any other text you want your participants to see at the end of the study. Don’t forget to click “Done” to save your changes.


Assessors are the people you invite to participate in your study. You can invite as many assessors as you want.

For a participant to have access to your study, you need to create an assessor ID for them first. To do that, go to the “Assessors” tab and type an ID for each of the assessors into the text bar.

Please note that if your dataset contains photos of the assessors and you don’t want them to rate themselves, their assessor ID should be the same as their subject ID in the dataset. Keep that in mind so you don’t accidentally create an assessor ID identical to a subject ID from the dataset.

Note that every participant’s ID starts on a new line. Their ID cannot contain spaces; otherwise, the system won’t be able to count the number of assessors correctly. As you type, you can check the number of assessors that will be created under the text bar.

Click “Save” once you’re done. A unique link to the study will be generated for each of the assessors. Along with the link, each of them will be assigned a PIN code to access the photo comparison study.

Download a CSV

Be sure to download a CSV file with the credentials and communicate them to your participants. To do that, click the “Export CSV” button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

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