Analytics for Skin Consultant App

You have option to see Google Analytics statistics for you Skin Consultant app.

Google Analytics Integration for Skin Consultant App

By default, Google Analytics is not enabled for the Skin Consultant App.

Google Analytics provides insights into user metrics such as:

  • Number of users

  • Returning users

  • Sessions

  • Demographic details

  • Technical details of user devices

  • and more!

Additionally, Haut.AI internal events monitor user behavior within the Skin Consultant App. If you need to enable Google Analytics for your account, first contact sales. Once Google Analytics is enabled, you will find the "Google Analytics tracker field" in Skin Consultant Advanced settings.

Please enter your Google Analytics MEASUREMENT ID.

Set up a project in Google Analytics or use the existing one, then go to the Data Streams configuration in the Google Analytics admin section. Add a new Data Stream and copy the Measurement ID. Paste this ID into the Google Analytics tracker field under Advanced Settings in Skin Consultant (see screenshot about). Save this setting. It might take up to 1 day for Google Analytics to start gethering events and metrics for the users of this Skin Consultant App.

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