Bulk import products

We have the option to import all products at once.

Bulk import from Shopify

  1. Enter your Shopify store link in the store URL field as illustrated below:

  2. "Overwrite Existing Product" Option

    ON (checked): Updates existing products in the Haut.AI inventory and adds new ones from Shopify that are not in the inventory. Useful for updating prices or descriptions without altering the products themselves.

    OFF (unchecked): Does not update existing products, but adds new ones from Shopify that are not in the inventory.

  3. Click on "Import Products" in the dialog to complete the process.

After a brief delay, you will notice products appearing in your inventory.

Please Note:

  • If your Shopify development store is protected with a password, you will not be able to import. Please contact Haut.AI support for assistance.

  • Only products with Active status in Shopify will be imported. Draft and Archived statuses will be ignored.

  • Changing the status of a product in Shopify from Active to Draft or Archived will not remove it from Haut.AI inventory. You need to delete it manually. Removing a product in Shopify does not automatically delete it from the Haut.AI inventory. You need to remove it manually.

Standart import

Standard import works with any CSV containing your products, provided it meets the correct format. It should include columns for data such as name, description, link, image_url, etc. It is recommended to download the example file in the dialog below, modify it with your product data, and upload it in the drop area.

After clicking Import Product button in this dialog you will see imported items in Product inventory

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