Configure the product shelf

Once you have added all the necessary products to the inventory, it’s time to configure the product shelf. The product shelf is a recommendation matrix where you have several categories of skin features or concerns, and for each of them, up to five products can be selected.

To start, go to “Product inventory” -> “Shelves” -> “Add new shelf”.

Once the new shelf is created, you can name it and add a description to it. Then you can start adding the products to the matrix.

The Haut.AI recommendation engine has three care types: Basic Care, Eye Care and Special Concerns.

In the Basic Care tab, the basic skincare routine can be configured for four skin types: Aged, Oily, Dry and Normal. Each routine includes up to six product categories: Makeup remover, Cleanser, Day cream, Night cream, Lotion (serum), and SPF.

The Eye Care tab allows you to add products for four of the major eye area concerns: Dark circles, Eye bags, Pronounced eye wrinkles and Small eye wrinkles.

The third tab, Special Concerns, has six concern categories to add products to: Anti-aging prevention, Anti-aging support therapy, Anti-aging complex, Acne, Vessels and Pigmentation. For each concern, different product types are available, ranging from serum to exfoliation.

It is not necessary to add products to every category. Only some of them can be filled. Once you are happy with your product shelf, you can click “Save” and proceed to creating the app.

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