Advanced settings

The last step is to configure the app’s advanced settings. These include:

  • Photo retention policy: the images can be collected on the platform and stored there forever or just for one day. Important: Selecting the "One day" Photo Retention setting means you may lose valuable image data. Consider carefully whether you want to delete older images automatically.

  • Camera for taking photos: the photos can be taken with a frontal or back camera. The latter option can be useful at points of sale, where a shopping assistant would use their device to take a picture of a customer.

  • Remove product labels: if left on, this option adds product labels (e.g., SPF, serum, exfoliation, day cream, etc.) to the recommendations. Remember, the shelf can be filled not just with skincare products but with treatments or wellness procedures. And, in this case, the labels can be turned off.

  • Special features: you can choose whether to show or hide some features, such as skin masks, skin metrics and recommended products.

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