Set up branding

The app branding can be configured in the “Look and Feel” section of the general settings. Here, you can add your logo, set your custom color palette, set the colors for the skin report, add brand images to the design, and add a call-to-action banner if you want to use one.

In the branding section, you can add five colors for the app: background color, text color, primary and secondary (inactive) brand colors, as well as an accent color for the highlights. As you set each color, you can see your changes in the preview of the app on the same page.

Following that, you can configure the colors for the skin report. By default, the low value is displayed in a red color, the average value in yellow, and good value is displayed in green. These colors can be adjusted in the “Metrics display” section.

Next, you can add the main image that will be displayed on the welcome screen of the app, as well as a “Before taking photo” helper, which is a sample image of a standardized selfie or guidelines on how to take one. If you don’t want to add images, the default options from Haut.AI will be used.

The last step is optional if you want to use call-to-action banners. At the bottom of the “General Settings” page, you may find a section called “Call-to-action banner”. Tick the checkbox titled “Use call-to-action banners” to enable this feature.

Call-to-action banners will lead to whatever URL you put in the settings. This can be a banner promoting a new product collection or just a banner with a promo-code for a discount.

There is an option to add it in two formats, for mobile and desktop versions of the app.

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