Change study settings

All of the settings you’ve configured for your study in Steps 1 to 5 can be changed later. To do that, go to the “Studies” tab and click on the name of the study you want to change.

You will see the study navigation menu in the top panel.

To change the settings from Steps 1 to 3 (name of the study, number of stages, type of data collected, etc.), go to the “Settings” tab. To change the explanatory texts and study admin contact information, go to the “Intro” tab. To change survey settings, go to the “Survey” tab.

As you change the settings, a button will appear in the lower-left corner of your screen. When you’re done, click on it to save the changes.

In the “Participants” tab, you can add new participants to your study, just like you did in the study creation wizard.

You cannot delete participants or change their logins once you’ve added them, but don’t worry: extra participants won’t affect the progress of the study in any way.

Note: you can still change the intro and survey parts, even after the study has begun. The general settings and the participants’ data stay the same once you’ve started the study.

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