Step 4: Help and other texts

In this step, you can add some explanatory texts and instructions for your participants. For each text, there is a preview, so you can get an idea of how this text will look to the participants.

Even though we have LIQA, which guarantees proper data collection, it would still be wise to give your participants some instructions on how to take a selfie, because if their device or browser is not compatible with LIQA, they won’t be able to use it and would have to take a selfie with their native camera.

LIQA works properly on the following devices:

The basic instructions for study participants are listed below. Feel free to copy them or rephrase them to suit your needs.

  • Remove any makeup, headwear, glasses, and other accessories.

  • Make sure your hair doesn't cover any part of your face.

  • Don’t smile; just relax your face.

  • Position the camera right in front of your face and look directly at it.

  • The face-to-camera distance has to be far enough that your face fits completely into the frame, but also close enough to make your pores and small wrinkles visible.

  • Take a selfie in good light, preferably daylight.

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