Step 5: Survey questions

In this step, you can add surveys to your study. Surveys are there to collect additional data about your participants’ lifestyles and habits. If you wish to use this information in your analysis, click on the “Add question” button. If you don’t want to include surveys in your study, just go to the next step (click on the “Create” button).

You can add a survey both before and after the picture-taking step. You can ask your participants to take a survey just once, once at every stage, or every day of your study. The survey will be the same for every stage or day.

You can add as many questions as you like. There are five types of questions you can add:

  • single choice

  • multiple choice

  • scale

  • number

  • text input

You can add an image to accompany the survey. Here’s what it will look like to the participant:

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