Attach an application

If you didn’t attach any application to your dataset while creating it, you can do this later. If you did attach an application but want to add another one, that is also possible.

To do so, go to the “Applications” tab in the navigation menu. Choose the app you want to use and click on the picture of it. You will see its full description displayed. Underneath this, there will be an “Attach application” button.

Click on it and choose a dataset you want to attach the app to. At this point, you might need to wait a little for the processing to complete. This can take a while if you have a lot of data, but you will get a notification as soon as it’s done.

There is no limit to the number of applications that can be attached to a dataset (except for the number of existing apps). Just please note that the number of applications you use affects the time of the processing.

Please note - when you attach application, images were uploaded to dataset previously will not be calculated by this application. Only images that come afterwards. (edited)

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